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About Us
Yew Chung has a long history of preparing students for the real world.

Established for almost 80 years, Yew Chung originally specialised in early childhood education but has since expanded to include primary and secondary classes. Over the years, the educational methodology has also evolved into an international education unmatched by any other institution of learning.

The unique “through-train*” education merges Eastern and Western cultures and languages to teach students how to tackle the problems of today with a global mindset. Classes offer students a unique, rounded and balanced education along with character formation through the development of wholesome virtues.

Yew Chung International School’s (YCIS) graduates are equipped with the international, bilingual, and character education needed to contribute to society.

Since 2008, Yew Chung has also set up Yew Chung Community College to provide accredited higher education programmes in response to local and international needs.

(*Final discretion for all admissions rests with the schools.)

  Our Role
Stand to benefit from synergy of school network.
  Our Philosophy
YCIS is committed to offering a global education.
  Director's Message
We believe that global education is the key to continued success.
  YCIS Unique Model
YCIS brings together the best of East and West.
A brief history of Yew Chung since 1932 and recent developments.
We produce two bilingual publications on a regular basis.
Global Education in YCIS
Committed to Global Education

Co-Principals & Co-Teaching Model

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