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Deputy Director - Ms. Winnie Cheng    

Ms Winnie Cheng joined the Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) in 1999. She oversees school debenture, parent education, parent relations, supporting services, and information technology. Commencing August 2014, Ms Cheng has become Deputy Director of YCEF and continues to oversee various YCIS non-academic supporting divisions, as well as represent the Directorate in working with different stakeholders, both internal (e.g. parents) and external (e.g. the HK Education Bureau).  Ms Cheng holds a Master Degree in Counselling from Monash University and a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto.

Since returning to Hong Kong from Canada, Ms Cheng has worked as a senior executive for top multinational corporations. She founded and ran an organisation providing management consultancy and educational services for clients around the world. She established an interest to collaborate with clients and co-operate with different enterprises in China. These experiences widen her exposures in business development, management consultancy, educational services, communication, counselling and in working with people from a diverse range of cultures.

Furthermore, Ms Cheng possesses profound expertise in policy formation, system development, management solutions, operational improvement, data management, litigation risk management and crisis management. She possesses extensive experiences in planning and co-ordinating management training programmes and other educational programmes. She is also a member of Australian Counseling Association, Asian Professional Counselling Association (HK), and the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association.

In recent years, Ms Cheng has dedicated herself to education management and parent education. She has offered workshops on parent education and encouraged parents to share their parenting theories and experiences.

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