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1980-1990 Reforming and Restructuring

Yew Chung consolidated its culture with a global perspective. Through an exchange of experiences with organisations in other parts of the world, Yew Chung kept itself abreast of new developments in education and continued to improve its curriculum through practice and experimentation. New educational theories were translated into new working directions. Yew Chung Educational Foundation was further strengthened by the establishment of an information system, an educational research section, and other divisions.

The Infant and Toddler Learning Programme, which serves infants aged six months to two years, was founded. The International Primary School was also established to extend Yew Chung's educational theories with equal emphasis on both Chinese and English languages, and multicultural studies.

With Yew Chung as the convenor and UNICEF as the sponsor, an international conference on "Childhood in the 21st Century" was held in Hong Kong in 1989. This was an opportunity to enhance the professional standard of the teachers and to strengthen the philosophical base of Yew Chung's curriculum. Director Dr. Betty Chan presented a collection of papers at the conference and they were well received by the participants.
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