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1990-2000 Creating the Yew Chung International Education System

The decade witnessed not only the birth and growth of the International Kindergarten Programme and the Secondary Section of YCIS but the international expansion of campuses. The consolidation of the Yew Chung model of bilingual and multicultural education for the character formation of future citizens of the world's emerging global village also took place within the classrooms of Yew Chung.

A Yew Chung International Children's Campus was set up in Indiana in the US, being the first introduction of a Yew Chung educational programme in a Western country. The Campus represented the Foundation's first step to realise its international education ideal in a different social and cultural setting.

Following China's adoption of an open-door policy, YCIS Shanghai was established at Hongqiao district in Shanghai in 1993 to meet the needs of the expatriate community in this rapidly developing city of China. As the first international school officially recognised by and registered with the Chinese government, YCIS Shanghai became an important "window" to Eastern China for the exchange of educational ideas and experiences with other parts of the world. A second campus was opened in Gubei district for the 1995-1996 school year, and a third campus was opened in Pudong in 1999.

The immediate success of YCIS Shanghai laid the foundation for YCIS Beijing, which was registered in 1995 and opened in the 1995-1996 school year.

The Yew Chung Arts and Language Centre was established not only to train students in various art skills but, more importantly, nurture children's interest in arts and the ability to appreciate arts, develop their imaginative and creative thinking skills and provide them with the learning experiences at the most appropriate developmental stage to produce optimal learning outcomes. Training in various languages exposes students to different languages and thus broadens their minds.

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