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YCIS Unique Bilingual and Co-Cultural Model  
Yew Chung International School (YCIS) brings together the East and the West and implements a bilingual and co-cultural programme through a Co-Principal and Co-Teaching model.

Two Co-Principals, one Western and one Chinese, work in partnership to provide academic leadership to the school. They consult, collaborate, support and complement each other and share equal authority and accountability over the school operation. They jointly create and lead a harmonious learning community, and provide a role model of effective cross-cultural collaboration.

Two fully qualified Co-Teachers, one Western and one Chinese, serve as teaching partners in each of our Early Childhood and Primary classrooms and share all responsibilities over the care and education of students in class. They plan and work together to provide students with a variety of learning experiences, help students develop English and Chinese communication skills, and role-model appreciation and respect for diversity.

This model adds strengths to the academic programme, ensures equity in status between two world languages and cultures throughout the school, and reinforces students’ social and cultural competence.

Global Education in YCIS
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