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The Artist-in-Residence Programme nurtures each student’s artistic expression and creativity, inspiring them to develop inquisitive minds. Through the process of research and art making, students deepen their appreciation for life, and discover their potential to preserve the environment and advance humanity.

Inspiration | Collaboration | Creation

The AIR Programme at Yew Chung International School explores the unique concept of working artists creating in a school setting. Yew Chung actively pursues relationships with artists who are not only experienced in their specialized fields, but who also have a strong interest in education and working with children.

These artists inspire and collaborate with students and staff from early childhood to secondary education. They share work process, materials, methods, and plans to help the community understand the practice of an artist. Students enjoy learning through projects that integrate classroom curriculum with new art techniques and media. 

Besides projects in classrooms, artists work alongside students to create artworks that both encourage learning and invigorate the school environment.  Paintings, murals, illustrations, sculptures, comics, films, and performances are created throughout the school year, on holidays and breaks. These beautiful, surprising, and thought provoking works celebrate the voyage from initial inspiration, to collaboration, and finally into fully realized creation.

Artists not only expose students to various art forms and media, but also demonstrate how art is a meaningful and integral part of life. Students are led to explore and investigate issues facing our world today ranging from human trafficking to environmental degradation. Aligning with the school’s emphasis on resource conservation, conscious effort is placed on using recycled and recyclable materials in the creation of all works.

Recently, Yew Chung and the artists have begun the practice of contributing to charity programmes with their own artistic creations. Students experience first-hand how art can have a direct and life changing impact on the world today.

In addition to art-making, students have the rare opportunity to exhibit their work at a gallery space within school grounds. The gallery also serves as a source of inspiration through the on-going display of contemporary works by emerging local and international talent. From inspiration, to collaboration, creation, and celebration, the Artist-in-Residence Programme unlocks the way into new areas of creativity in their students, in education, and beyond.

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