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Benefits of Joining China Classroom

By Harriet Hui, Member of the Chinese Studies Course Development Team

As parents, you must have one key question in mind before you encourage your child to take part in an activity, that is, “what benefits will this activity bring to my child?” After hearing our introduction, I believe you have come up with the same question “What benefits will my child gain from this China Classroom?” Here are some of them:

1. Enrich your child’s knowledge in Chinese culture and history
China Classroom is not just a pleasure trip. It is a fun trip with educational purposes, specially designed as part of the Chinese Studies Course. The Chinese Studies Course consists of three parts. First, in December, students will embark on the Team Project in which they work as a group and study a particular topic concerning the sites where they are going to visit in China Classroom. For example, for the trip to Huang Shan by Year 7, students will study topics like scenery in Huang Shan, poems and traditional paintings about the place, and the local cuisine and opera. Second, the Chinese Cultural Day will be held in January. Through exhibitions and activities, students will learn about different aspects of Chinese culture like calligraphy, dancing, and paper cutting. The activities will also enhance students’ knowledge about the sites. The third part, China Classroom, scheduled for the end of June, is the climax of the course. With the visits and assignments given to students, we believe that their knowledge on Chinese culture and history gained by participating in the Team Project and the Chinese Cultural Day will be much enriched.

2. Build up your child’s team spirit
During the trip, students will be formed in teams, missions will be delegated to each team and they have to accomplish them together within limited time. Your child has to interact closely with his/her teammates in order to achieve the missions. Our assignments require students to make decisions as a group and to report the results collectively. During the process, they will be able to share knowledge and co-operate with others. Therefore, this trip will be a good opportunity for your child to grow, not only in knowledge, but also in people skills and character formation.

3. Stimulate your child’s explorative thinking
This is our key concern when we design the activities for China Classroom. Never will we want your child to just simply see the places and forget all things after they get back home! Through the activities which we specially designed, we hope your child will be motivated to think more deeply about Chinese culture and history, find out the meaning behind things and see things with an explorative thinking. We trust this would greatly benefit your child’s learning and growth.


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