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A Brief Introduction of the Chinese Studies Course and Its Study Tours

Jenny Yim, Co-ordinator of the Chinese Studies Course Development Team

Designing the curriculum and corresponding study tours of Yew Chung International School’s Chinese Studies Course has truly been an inspiring and enchanting process. The Chinese Studies Course, designed for students from Year 1 to Year 9, covers topics related to different subject areas and allows students to comprehend China in multi-perspectives. The 270 topics of the course are both horizontally and vertically related. Topics of the same year are developed along a main theme and inter-related topics appear in different years with varying focuses and difficulties. The Chinese Studies Course emphasizes the development of learning and thinking skills more than the accumulation of knowledge. Students are encouraged to take part in various learning activities, including the study tours prepared for students of Year 7, 8 and 9, in which they would be visiting Anhui, Shanxi, Beijing and Taiwan. We believe that some knowledge can never be obtained solely by sitting in a classroom and that these study tours would touch students in ways that no textbooks could. It is our sincere wish that all who take part in the program would find it a highly enjoyable and fruitful learning process.

(Originally appears in Issue no. 18, Minbaowuyu)


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