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Character Formation
  The Yew Chung education is more than just sciences, maths and languages.

The Yew Chung education programme uses everyday situations as examples to provide Christian faith-based moral lessons to students. By integrating character formation into the curriculum through areas of pastoral, spiritual and global life lessons, the school shapes students into balanced and responsible global citizens.

At Yew Chung, we walk our talk. The Yew Chung community, including students, staff members and parents, joins hands to provide help to the victims of natural disasters and the less privileged. The Yew Chung Education Foundation has introduced the “Seeds of Hope” project and co-ordinates with all Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) to fundraise for the establishment of primary schools in various parts of rural China, one school annually in every province/city where there is a YCIS. This is fundamental to the character formation of YCIS students as they become increasingly global-minded citizens. Through helping others our YCIS students learn to appreciate the role they play in the world.

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