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China Classroom is a study tour programme specially designed as part of the Chinese Studies Course. It is aimed at enhancing and deepening students’ understanding about Chinese traditional thoughts, culture and history through visiting various cities in China and experiencing the local cultures.

In June 2014, students of Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong will make the first China Classroom tours. Year 7 students will go to Huang Shan; Year 8 students will go to Shanxi; Year 9 students will go to Beijing and Taiwan. The design of the study tours revolves around distinct themes. Students would participate in a wide range of learning activities before and during the trips, through which they would explore China in a most exciting way.

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Featured articles about China Classroom

A Stroll into Chinese History, Reflecting on its Basic Aspects
A profound analysis of the historical and cultural roots of sites in Shanxi and Beijing, recommended to readers interested in the itineraries of Year 8 and Year 9.

Beyond the Classroom Walls: A Brief Introduction of the Chinese Studies Course and Its Study Tours
An overview of the Chinese Studies Course and the China Classroom, recommended to readers interested in the underlying principles of the course and the programme.

On the Chinese Studies Course of Yew Chung - An Interview with Dr Troy Lui
An in-depth interview with Dr Troy Lui, Head of the Chinese Curriculum Research Division, on Chinese Studies Course and China Classroom, discussing the educational philosophy and objectives behind the launch, the site selections, the implementation, and plans of development.

Bonding of Five Groups of People in Taiwan
A delightful narrative of migration and ethnicity in Taiwanese history through the introduction of sites in Taiwan, recommended to readers interested in the itinerary of Year 9 and/or the history of Taiwan.

The Voice of the Heart: Three Female Writers and Taiwan’s Ethnic Relations and Language Policy
An exploration on how the lives and works of three writers reflect Taiwan’s ethnic relations and language policy, and a demonstration of China Classroom’s effort to unearth extraordinary stories and knowledge from the routine.

Benefits of Joining China Classroom
A concise discussion on the benefits of joining China Classroom, recommended to parents and students who are considering joining the Classroom.

Clan Culture Rich in Huizhou Heritage
An examination of clan culture in Huizhou, tracing its historical development and discussing its present-day meanings, allows participants of itinerary of Year 7 to understand a key force that shaped China’s cultural landscape.


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