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On the Chinese Studies Course of Yew Chung - An Interview with Dr Troy Lui



Yon Young, MBWY Editorial Board Member

Dr Troy Lui, Head of the Chinese Curriculum Research Division of Yew Chung Education Foundation, is in charge of the design and implementation of the Chinese Studies Course of Yew Chung International School. In an interview with the reporter of Minbaowuyu, Dr Lui said that the Chinese subject of the school should not only be a single subject, but should also represent a language and a culture. The design of the new Chinese Studies Course thereby encompasses the Chinese culture, history, geography, art, science, technology, social conditions, etc. This would pose challenges to the teachers, who would need to work in teams and to acquire knowledge in this wide range of subject areas. The school would also need to provide systematic support to teachers, like establishing a digital database of relevant reference materials and an online platform for the sharing of teaching materials and practices.

The China Classroom, i.e., the Chinese study tours, would be an on-site learning by students around a specified theme, making their classroom learning more meaningful and interesting. For students taking Chinese as a second language subject, the curriculum would have less requirement to use the Chinese Language and adopt various ways of learning.

In recent parent sessions when the new curriculum and study tours were introduced, the parents’ responses were very enthusiastic and supportive. A work camp for teachers would be held in August in Shanghai this year for them to share their experiences of implementing the Chinese Studies Course.

(Originally appears in Issue no. 19, Minbaowuyu)


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