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Painting Outdoors in the 30-degree Heat of Hong Kong
Exhibition “Duality: Boundaries and Intersections–Paintings by Claire Lau” during June 15-July 12, 2012, at the Art Gallery of Yew Chung International School - Secondary

Claire Lau, new Artist-in-Residence at Yew Chung Education Foundation, was born in Paris and divided her life between France, Hong Kong and the USA. Her exhibition “Duality: Boundaries and Intersections” features paintings made on and through the observation of two opposite sides of the earth: the Pioneer Valley (Massachusetts, USA) and Hong Kong. These works explore the physical and spatial relationship between humans and nature; they juxtapose the urban with the wild, the traditional with the modern, and the rooted with the mobile.

Claire paints exclusively outdoors, on site. Only through this can she interact directly and build a relationship with her surroundings. With a large backpack behind, an easel on one hand and a canvas three-quarters-her-size in the other, she carries her materials uphill in the 30-degree-sun to her painting sites. As a young artist living in the 21st century, her painting practice is a response to today’s digital age, where one’s regard is always fixated on a screen. Obstinately painting outdoors in the winter of Massachusetts and the summer of Hong Kong, she strives to compel today’s over-stimulated eyes to pause and ponder on their surroundings.
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