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Science is “exact”. It derives its knowledge from observation, experimentation, data collection, and interpretation of results. As such, science can explain a multitude of phenomena and can predict eventualities. Because of this, science imbues mankind with a measure of power over the Earth, her inhabitants, and her resources. Our school motto is to “Align with science and technology, with culture and arts, with love and charity.” The Scientist-in-Residence programme is created to give “heart” to science and technology and bring about a change in the mindset of our students – that we are members of one family, that we have intelligence and free will, that we are accountable for our actions, and that we must aspire to be positive contributors to the world.

Yew Chung’s Scientist-in-Residence programme also seeks to challenge students to pursue meaningful scientific investigations that will have a positive impact on each and every species on the Earth. This will be accomplished through levels of scientific growth and understanding.

Young learners will participate in hands on activities and experimentation. They will be given the chance to direct their learning and exploration. Students will inquire, observe, investigate, and discover as they learn about themselves and the world they live in. They will be given opportunities to work and think like scientists through learning the scientific method, designing and carrying out experiments, recording and analysing data, and interpreting the results of their investigations.

For mature learners, the programme aims to build an awareness of the global events that affect the world and present students with opportunities to examine the causes and discover solutions. Through the programme, students will be guided through the process of awareness, inquiry, discovering links, creating solutions, and making a positive difference in the world.

With knowledge comes power. With power comes responsibility and this responsibility stems from the fact that man is not the only species on the Earth. We are just a tiny speck in the bigger picture and therefore must be humbled by the true extent of the role we play in the universe. We must realise that each species has an important role to play, from the microscopic bacteria to the gigantic Blue Whale, and that the extinction of any species will certainly have a noticeable impact on the Earth’s fragile ecosystem. We all have a choice to maintain balance and harmony – do we abuse and destroy or create and sustain? It is the moral obligation of each individual to be steward of the Earth, to keep her safe and healthy for this generation and the future generations to come.

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