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  The World Classroom is primarily an educational experience allowing students to experience firsthand major cultures of the world.

It offers students an opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of another culture, promote critical thinking, and develop an appreciation of other points of view. The programme helps prepare our students to become productive citizens by developing their cross-cultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become true global citizens with a commitment to serving family, society, and community.

Students in Years 7 through 10 have a choice of two to three destinations for their World Classroom experience. In 2013, these include Hawaii, Portland and Seattle, Washington D.C., or California for Year 7; Greece, Spain, or Italy for Year 8; Czech Republic with Poland, Austria and Hungary, or Moscow and St Petersburg for Year 9; Tanzania or India for Year 10. Each trip includes an integrated school visit with local students as well as one or two carefully selected community service activities to foster a more caring attitude among our students and help them put kindness, compassion, and benevolence into practice in dealing with global issues such as poverty, environmental problems, and health concerns.

Download World Classroom Brochure 2012-2013


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