A Day Trip in Beijing with Olympic Robot
Kids' Smiling Faces in Opening Ceremony

Children play a part in the Olympic Games? No doubt! In the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, thousands of children's smiling faces from all over the world were shown on a sea of umbrellas held by dancers, and displayed on the big screen. Also, the special firecrackers in the shape of the children's smiling faces created a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Look carefully! Can you see your own smiling face here?
Children are the Happiest

A research finds that children lead a happier life than youngsters and parents. Of all the children interviewed, 74% said that they feel happy. They laugh 24.4 times a day on average, the most frequent of all age groups. Kids, how many times do you laugh per day?

Come on! Let's try to choose the correct pinyin for each word!

兒童  mr tung mar tung
  青年 qpng nihn qpn nihn  
  快樂 huji lo kuji lo  
  頻密 pqn mq pqn ms  
  平均 pqng jxn psng jxn  

Photo Hunt



Look at the two pictures on the left. They look exactly the same, except one small area. Could you please help to find it out? Each pair of pictures only has one difference.

Use your mouse to click the different areas, and see whether you get the correct answer.



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