Change the World

What are the changes they have made? What problems do they try to solve?
The "Super Natural Power of British Children

What does "super natural power" mean to you? The superman? Everybody have power to change the world, because union is strength. For example, your classmates take their shower in shorten time in order to save water. One year later, water which could fulfill into a swimming pool will be saved. The British Children write down all the things that they want to do in order to change the world. A book collected all these ideas was published.
Environmental Friendly E-paper

A new model of multi-coloured e-paper is released by a Japanese company. It can be folded. Its weight and consumption of energy are reduced. In future, we would use an e-paper to download all kinds of newspapers and magazines for reading. It is no longer necessary to consume huge amount of normal paper for publications, which means more environmental friendly to our earth.
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Come on! Let's try to choose the correct pinyin for each word!

電子紙 djn zr zhr dijn zr zhr
  摺曲 zhm kz zhm qz  
  未來 woi lhi woi lh  
  報章 bjo jigng bjo zhgng  
  雜誌 zh zhs zhh zhs  

Magic Spell
1. 留意以下圖片,看我施展魔法「溫咖癲啦唯啊薩」!它「動」了嗎?不可以小看魔法的力量啊!
Look at the picture below. I am going to release a magic spell on it. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Does it "move"? Do not underestimate the power of magic!
2. 到底以下圖片所包含的是不規則圖形,還是三個正方形?拿出你的間尺來量度吧。
Are you wondering that there are 3 irregular shapes or 3 squares below? Use your ruler to clarify it.
3. 望著中間的黑點,前後移動你的頭部,你能相信你看到甚麼嗎?Look at the black central spot below. Try to move your head forward and backward to the picture. Do you believe in what you see?


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