Rock Paper Scissors

World Rock Paper Scissors Championship


"Rock paper scissors", have you ever played this game before? It is not just a luck testing game. You need to observe the opponent's expression and calculate probability. Of course you may shout at your opponent to distract him or her. It is a game of strategies and skills. A research finds that females always throw "scissors", while male always throw "rock". The 2009 World Rock Paper Scissors Championship has been held in Hong Kong. The winner will represent Hong Kong in the World's Championship, to be held in Toronto, Canada in November.

The Origin of Rock Paper Scissors


There are many versions of the origin of "rock paper scissors". Some people believe that it was developed from a game in ancient Japan. Others believe that it was based on shoushiling (number competing game with fingers) in Han Dynasty, China. In the 19th Century, "rock paper scissors" was formally put forward in Japan and acquired popularity worldwide.


Come on! Let's try to choose the correct pinyin for each

Rock Paper Scissors in Brazil

「剪刀石頭布」在世界不同國家有不同的創新元素。你也想試試新穎的「剪刀石頭布」玩法嗎?在巴西,人們除了會出「剪刀」、 「石頭」、「布」外,亦加入了數種額外「武器」,例如「火」,手勢是豎起拇指,贏「布」和「剪刀」;以及「雨」,手勢是手指全部指向下,贏「火」、「布」及「剪刀」。怎樣?刺激好玩嗎?和你的朋友一起玩吧!

People have developed cultural and personal variations on the game of "rock paper scissors". Do you want to try? New "weapons" are added in the "rock paper scissors" in Brazil. Put your thumb up to throw "flame", which can beat paper and scissors. Put all your fingers down to show "rain", which can beat flame, paper and scissors. It is exciting and funny, isn't it? Go ahead to play with you friends now!



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