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Issue 435 第435期

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Comic 漫畫

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News 新聞

異能八爪魚保羅 Paul the Psychic Octopus

Paul, an octopus living at the Sea Life Centre in Germany, took the world by storm with his predictive ability during the 2010 World Cup. Paul has a 100 per cent correct record in his predictions and is believed to have psychic ability to predict the future.


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How did Paul make his predictions? 保羅是怎樣預測比賽結果的?

The staff of the Sea Life Centre lowered two boxes of mussels into Paul’s tank, one with a German flag while the other carried the flag of a competitor. The box Paul opened first was considered as his predicted winner.


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Octopus is an intelligently designed creature 八爪魚是種結構特別的智慧生物

Octopuses are a type of marine creature that has eight arms and a bulbous head. Their arms have rows of suckers on the underside which allow them to grab and taste food. They have nine brains and three hearts so that they can react very fast to defend themselves against or escape from predators. In order to hunt effectively, they can even change their skin colour and texture to blend in with the environment.


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Putonghua Challenge 考考你的普通話

Come on! Let’s try to choose the correct pinyin for each word! 小朋友,請試為以下每個詞語選擇一個正確的漢語拼音吧!

1. 吸盤

xī pán xí píng

2. 襲擊

xí jī xí jí

3. 應變

yīng biǎn yīng biàn

4. 捕獵

bǔ liè bǔ liè

5. 覓食

mì shí mé shí

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God's Letter to Me 天父給我的信

I can only say that forgetting all that lies behind me, and straining forward to what lies in front.
(Philippians 3:13)


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Straw Star 飲管星星

A drinking straw is an article of everyday use, but with imagination and creativity, it can be turned into a beautiful gift. Let’s follow the steps below to see what will happen:


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Straw Star 飲管星星