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Loose the Purse Strings for Haiti    

March 20, 2010

While many of us were still savouring the joy of the holidays with positive outlook for the coming year of 2010, it was quite a different story for the people in Haiti as they were greeted to the new year with a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake on January 12. In the wake of the great natural calamity, we in true Yew Chung style set about fundraising for the earthquake relief.

YCIS Shanghai has caught every opportunity to raise the awareness of the tragedy throughout their campuses. Students, parents and staff put their sympathy for the Haitians into action through a series of activities.

At the Puxi Campus, firstly, students baked brownies, cookies, cupcakes and much more and sold them as refreshments during the Fiddler on the Roof production raising over RMB 10,500 yuan. Secondly, many parents kindly made donations at the Parent- Teacher Interview Day raising another RMB 2,000 yuan! Finally, both Gubei and Hongqiao Campuses had a free dress day on January 29 which raised a phenomenal RMB 112,000 yuan.

Pudong Campus has also donated around RMB 16,900 yuan to Red Cross to help out the Haitians. Furthermore, the non-teaching staff from both Pudong and Puxi Campuses donated over RMB 3,000 yuan. Well done students, parents and staff! The total is over RMB 144,400 yuan!


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