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An International Perspective on Art Appreciation    

May 27, 2011

Creative thought and expression is a necessary element of human development and art has the power and potential to broaden our thinking, both abstract and critical. It increases our awareness, confidence and constructive attitudes. In seeking to appreciate art, we are guided into conversations and thoughts that would not have occurred otherwise. This leads to possibilities of better understanding ourselves, other people and our surroundings. By developing our abilities in art appreciation and, therefore, abstract thought, we will become better prepared for all areas of learning as we are more capable of making information personally relevant.

We are pleased to have such exciting opportunities in Yew Chung. We are privileged to have had two international and experienced artists, Shona Nunan and Michael Cartwright, visiting Yew Chung and sharing their work and working processes with us during 2010-2011 school year. They are not only successful artists practising in the profession for the past 30 years, but have also raised two young boys who are now both pursuing art careers of their own. The two artists hosted a sharing session during their residency and shared how parents can add inspiration to the creativity of their children. In the areas from appreciating and supporting the freedom of the uninhibited young child to encouraging and inspiring the young artist stepping out into the world, Shona and Michael shared their experiences

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