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A Tree of Hope    

February 14, 2012

Yew Chung’s Artist-in-Residence Tamie Nakamura recently co-created a Seeds of Hope project with the ECE K2 students on K29 campus from February 1 to 14.

The artwork is to imitate a tree. The recycled pieces of plywood and man-made items, such as leaves and seeds, are the main combination of the artwork. The students created the leaves by their handprints on the textured surface. They also rolled ping-pong balls in paint and created pattern on paper to form the sky part.

Ms. Nakamura also created a trunk made from real tree bark which linked the soil and the leaves and linked all the pieces of wood with hinges using a hand-drill and screws. Eventually, the final artwork was mounted on a wall on K29 campus. The two-year-old children can be proud of their effort and final product.


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