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March 13, 2012

For the first time, the Artists-in-Residence in YCIS Hong Kong organis ed an art exhibition and charity auction for Seeds of Hope . The idea of BLOOM came from the process of seeds growing, blooming, bearing fruit, and giving back to the earth, continuing the cycle of life. In art, ideas and inspirations seed in the artists’ brains, grow through their hands and bloom onto the paper, canvas, and clay. As these fruits are exhibited, they in turn become new inspirations in the audience’s minds.

A formal gallery Opening Reception took place on the evening of March 1 at the Secondary campus of YCIS Hong Kong. Outside the gallery, parents, students, staff and guests enjoyed tasty refreshments and wines while applauding the creativity of students. The atmosphere of the night was heightened by Voce, our six-voice a cappella vocal group, who filled the galleries with their incredibly intricate harmonies. The suspensions in Linden Lea, the minor 7 in Summertime, and the humour in the One Minute Madrigal brought both chills to the audience’s bones and warmth to their hearts.

For the rest of the evening, the halls were filled with a buzz of excitement as people ambled through the galleries, admiring the artworks, running to the bid sheets and competing over who would get a painting. Roses were popular, but visitors also enjoyed abstract paintings by ECE students of blues and turquoise, as well as colourful mosaics, drawings and paintings of figures, heads, cityscapes and oceans. The video of Claire Lau, one of the Artists-in-Residence, painting live during morning assembly also lured some interest.

The night ended with enthusiastic bids on artworks, and several paintings were sold on the spot. The bidding competition continued through the Secondary Open Day and ended on March 13.


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