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Standing Ovation for Seeds of Hope    

March 18, 2012

The Seeds of Hope Fundraising Concert held at the China Conservatory of Music near the Olympic Village offered a performance of “Opening Ceremony” calibre. Over 350 performers of YCIS students and teachers gathered on one stage to play a three-part concert series that entranced audience members and transported them around the world with music selections from the North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. The concert was a vibrant exhibition of YCIS student talent for a fantastic charitable cause of supporting education of children in rural China.

A ceremonial presentation started the concert with a video highlighting the milestones of the Seeds of Hope charity. Present at the concert were the Principal and two students from Qufu School to accept a symbolic check of RMB 500,250 yuan that helped establish the Qufu Yew Chung and Yew Wah Hope Primary School. A small tree was held by one student symbolising the growth of a seed sown one year ago at the Qingdao and Yantai Seeds of Hope Concert. 

To continue the tradition, the YCIS Beijing student and parent representatives along with Director Dr. Betty Chan, Professor Paul Yip and honoured guests planted a new seed to represent the sowing of support for building the second Seeds of Hope School located in Wanan Town of Li County, Baoding City, Hebei province.

With the new “seed” sown, a fanfare of music kicked off the concert. The first part of the concert featured the inaugural International Orchestra of YCIS and Yew Wah. Reverend Samuel Choy, Deputy Director, joined students on stage to play the cello. To close the first part of the concert was a great Korean medley.

Opening the second part of the concert was the YCIS Beijing Primary Choir, Secondary Choir, and Primary Violin Group. The most anticipated performance of the second part was the YCIS Jazz Band and Dancers. Set to both jazz and swing music, four male YCIS Beijing students flipped, turned, and dipped their female dance partners. This performance was clearly an audience favourite judging by the roar of the applause. Following this performance was fantastic traditional parasol dance by YCIS Hong Kong Chinese Dance Group.

Johnson Li, an eight-year-old Lang Lang Music Scholarship recipient, played a piano solo to open the third part of the concert. A dynamic conclusion to end the concert was an original music piece “Seeds of Hope” written and conducted by Gary Sanderson, Head of Music and Visual Arts Division. All performers were on stage and the passion for Seeds of Hope could be felt by the entire audience as the final crescendo of instruments and singing resulted in a standing ovation.

Audience members filtered into the concert lobby were then toured around the YCIS art exhibition and viewed various Seeds of Hope gift items available for donation. The performers emerged from backstage and were given congratulatory hugs and flowers by attending friends and family members.

March 18, 2012 was a remarkable day in YCIS history and finished with a sincere appreciation for everyone who donated their time, money, and energy to educating children in rural China.


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