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YCIS Chongqing is the first international school in Chongqing city, China. The Chongqing Municipal Government has highly encouraged the establishment of the school and the official registration was completed in September 2001. Since 2007, YCIS Chongqing has moved to our state-of-the-art new campus situated at Chongqing International School Garden which is a new area in the city's northern new Economic Development Zone.

YCIS Chongqing offers programmes from K3 to Year 13 (aged 3 to 18 years old) with a unique education philosophy that integrates the best elements of both Eastern and Western cultures. This educational approach ensures that students will enter the 21st century as "world citizens", fluent in at least two major world languages (English and Chinese) and be highly skilled in information technology. The teachers strive to provide the students with excellent academic training, critical thinking skills and respect for all cultures.

To learn more about YCIS Chongqing, visit us at www.ycis-cq.com. You may also click here for admissions details.

Tel: (8623) 8879 1600
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