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In 2002, YCIS Silicon Valley opened its doors with a recognised international curriculum that nurtures bilingual, multicultural world citizens prepared to function in the global village of the 21st century. Our constructive educational philosophy provides demonstrated results in cultivating our active young learners to become lifelong scholars with a passion for knowledge. We provide a fully bilingual environment to support an education in both English and Putonghua throughout every school day.

YCIS Silicon Valley was named the “2008 Best of Mountain View Preschool” by the US Local Business Association. This honour confirms our position as a significant educational partner in our community that recognises bilingual language skills as a necessary component for the future generation.

To learn more about YCIS Silicon Valley, visit us at www.ycis-sv.com. You may also click here for admissions details.

Tel: (650) 903-0986
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