We strive to strengthen the bond of our network of schools by highlighting the Yew Chung spirit and serving the wider community.

YCEF ❨ WE CARE ❩ Nicole Tong

Lovely to catch up with you, Nicole, our young alumna. We hope your journey through the Yew Chung pedigree has given you a head start for the roads ahead.

2018 London Gathering

At this year's gathering, Rev. Steve Hackman, our head of Christian and Community Development, will share with you a meaningful Seeds of Hope event in celebration of Yew Chung's 85th Anniversary. (Read More)

Rise and Shine, Yew Chung ECE

Yew Chung founded one of the first kindergartens in Hong Kong some 85 years ago, pioneering what were then the radical concepts of Early Childhood Education (ECE).

Brand New YCEF

At 85, Yew Chung has begun the sprint towards a century of holistic education, and we are moving ahead in style. First, a major school uniform revamp. Now, Yew Chung Education Foundation gets its own new identity!

YCEF ❨ WE CARE ❩ New Uniform

YCEF proudly presents: the all new, unified, streamlined, inclusive, classic-timeless-flattering, history-legacy-honoring, high-end-fabrics-made school uniforms!