Alumni stories

Donor's Sharing - Dr Joseph Lee, Wofoo Social Enterprises

We have considered our collaboration with Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE) especially meaningful since we met for the first time in 2018. The objectives of Wofoo Foundation, Wofoo Social Enterprises and Yew Chung are very much in line. “Wofoo” refers to “peace and richness”.

YCIS Alumnus' Unforgettable Memories, Milestones, and More

Jackson Chow spent 11 memorable years at YCIS Shanghai, attending from kindergarten to high school, before going abroad for university. I realise that 12 members from my family are either alumni of Yew Chung or current students at Yew Chung!  After all of these years, I consider Yew Chung part of my family. My brother,

YCCECE President Establish Tradition and Pursue Innovations

Establish Tradition and Pursue Innovations With his innovative leadership style known to many, Professor Allan Yuen, the new President of Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE), the first specialist institution in Asia to offer formal teacher training in Early Childhood Education, makes research a major task in the College's development plan despite various

Learning Is to Discover the Undiscovered – Haruka Ostley

Haruka is a multidisciplinary artist (painter/ muralist/ performer) who hails from Japan. Growing up and living across four different continents allows her to easily work with people from different backgrounds, and has given her art work a bigger variety and style! Both Haruka and her husband Gabe Ostley used to work as Artists-In-Residence in YCIS Hong Kong and eventually worked in different campuses across China. Although Haruka left Yew Chung in 2014, her story with us doesn’t just end there!

Looking Back at The Subtle Beauty of Yew Chung After 16 Years!

What a reunion after 16 years! Karen Leung, our YCIS Hong Kong alumna from class of 2003, was one of the first groups of students  to go through the tremendous changes Yew Chung had. Recently, she finally had the chance to meet with a former senior management member of ours, Dr Gary Morrison, whom he was the reason for those changes happened in Yew Chung!