Alumni stories

Why a Reel of Film Is Just a Reflection of Real Life

Film is a very unique form of art because it captures life in a way that other forms of expression, like painting or photography, cannot. Ms Chelsea Chen from our YWIES Shanghai Gubei Class of 2015, hopes to continue making films that convey the beauty of humanity and nature through art, culture and sustainability. “Film

Helping healthy kids find that rainbow

Sports medicine technologies are rather undeveloped in China. There is a need for every person to increase an awareness of the issue
- Dr Peiying Lei, Parent of YCIS Shanghai Puxi

The Artist as Storyteller – Mark Montgomery

On 12 August 2020, Mr Mark Montgomery, our YCIS Shanghai Artist-in-Residence (AIR) was invited by Starbucks to hold a Portrait Art Exhibition at its Gubei store, one of the most popular neighbourhood hangouts for the YCIS community.