YCIS Alumnus Develops Largest Open Science Drug-COVID Moonshot

"A scientist should explore the world like an ignorant child constantly seeking knowledge and answers. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Asking a good question is better than finding a good answer – not just in science but in life. This is the most memorable lesson YCIS taught me." — Alpha Lee, YCIS Hong Kong

An App a Day Keeps the Alumni at Play

Attention Yewtopians! Some great news to start off 2021. Our exclusive alumni engagement platform “YEWTOPIA” is now conveniently accessible on your mobile device as an app. You no longer need to cart around and open a heavy laptop to say hello to our fellow alumni. All Yewtopia benefits and functions are now just one touch

1200+ YCYW Educators Meet for E-learning Development

To highlight and promote good practices in teaching, Yew Chung and Yew Wah held an "E-Learning Professional Development Days" event on November 27-28, 2020. Speaking at the opening, CEO and School Supervisor Dr Betty Chan Po-king, described the changes sweeping education the world over as “unprecedented". “It is up to us to adapt our educational practices to ensure that our students can learn successfully using 21st century tools at our disposal,” she said.