Alumni stories

Follow Your Own Colourful Dream

Ms Vanessa Law, YCIS Hong Kong Class of 2012, shared her stories since Year 3. She started thinking of makeup as a career while she was pursuing an IBDP. Later, she became a professional instructor in New York while taking makeup courses. Becoming an international makeup artist has always been Vanessa’s dream. After working on a school production of The King and I as head of makeup in 2011, she was encouraged to follow this direction.

YCIS Alumnus Develops Largest Open Science Drug-COVID Moonshot

"A scientist should explore the world like an ignorant child constantly seeking knowledge and answers. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Asking a good question is better than finding a good answer – not just in science but in life. This is the most memorable lesson YCIS taught me." — Alpha Lee, YCIS Hong Kong

Alumni Reunion Takes YWIES SH Gubei Friends down Memory Lane

More than 60 YWIES Shanghai Gubei alumni gathered at BU Club on the Bund, for a wonderful reunion after a long separation.

The reunion was organised by Sam Zhang (Class of 2012), Hawking Fu (Class of 2012), Jacky Xi (Class of 2014), and Chelsea Chen (Class of 2015). Chelsea stood in as the emcee. An enjoyable highlight was the very entertaining Yew Wah school band that travelled back in time to bring us some oldie hits. Ah, memories.

Why Connecting Alumni Globally Is Like Looking for Lost Sheep, and Just as Rewarding

Mr Wayne Tai, YCIS Hong Kong Class of 2003, spent his entire childhood with us for over 15 years and that bond still continues. Apart from being a Yew Chung alumnus, the APAC regional Ecommerce & Digital Manager of Naos also volunteers as the president of the YCYW alumni advisory board, bringing his driving passion to expand and build a more meaningful alumni community for all of us.