Donor's Sharing - Dr Joseph Lee, Wofoo Social Enterprises

We have considered our collaboration with Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE) especially meaningful since we met for the first time in 2018. The objectives of Wofoo Foundation, Wofoo Social Enterprises and Yew Chung are very much in line. “Wofoo” refers to “peace and richness”. Our organisation attaches great value to social harmony and development in Hong Kong with the aim of promoting a friendly and affluent environment. Through our communication with YCCECE, we are impressed by their care and assistance provided for ethnic minority students to integrate into the society through the college’s professional training, and by the institution’s commitment to nurturing loving teachers, which is basically the same as our vision to create a caring society.

We are glad to be a donor to YCCECE and are excited about our two main projects, with one being the community event H“ART”PPINESS TRILOGY that facilitates social inclusion through diversified family activities, and the other being a scholarship scheme to recognise students with potential to be great teachers. While a teacher can be any individual equipped with teaching skills, a good teacher must be an individual who also genuinely cares for his or her students. The scholarship aims to recog- nise future teachers from YCCECE who are committed to serving their students with love and care, and willingly devote their time to grow together with their students. Early childhood education is of utmost importance in character building for it lays the foundation of one’s life values. Life values that toddlers pick up can have an enduring impact on his or her whole life. This is why we think early childhood education is so important.

A school may be recognised usually for its academic achievements, but seldom for its efforts to help students develop good moral character. Schools are actually very important places where students can cultivate good virtues and develop a positive outlook in life by showing mutual care and respect to their peers and teachers, and vice versa. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) will also pose
a major challenge to the education sector. How can we effectively integrate AI into education? When AI brings about changes in curriculum design, school administra- tion and ample information handling, how can teachers be simultaneously nurturing students with correct attitude while equipping them with adequate skills and knowledge? In this age of information proliferation, our young people should take advantage of the technological advancement by reading more and understand more about our society and its culture, thereby finding the underlying truth. When everyone values cultural cultivation, chances are we can create a more harmonious society.

We are honoured to join hands with YCCECE through this gift and cooperation, to establish the Wofoo Student Learning Commons and to make more contributions to the education sector and to our future generations. With the college as our kindred partner, we do believe that we can further enhance the social harmony in Hong Kong with the knowledge and wisdom YCCECE has to share. We look forward to the fruitful achievements in the above projects.