Alumni Hall of Fame 2021 – Call for Nominations!

As educators we are proud to see our alumni thriving and it is our honour to publicly recognise the contributions you have made to the community and to celebrate your achievements in life.

The Alumni Hall of Fame was launched in 2020 with three young inaugural inductees – Chelsea Chen (YWIES Shanghai Gubei, Class of 2015), a talented film maker; Aaron Shea (YCIS Hong Kong, Class of 1998), a passionate mentor to the youngsters of the YCYW community; and Mika Ulmet (YCIS Shanghai Puxi, Class of 2010), a selfless volunteer in the developing world. These three have demonstrated the true values of the enduring Yew Chung and Yew Wah spirit – the embodiment of ethical, caring and loving global stewardship.

Do you know other alumni who display standout qualities in their lives and work?  Submit your nomination today and let’s celebrate the wonderful achievements of our YCYW alumni.

Nomination form:

Criteria for Selection

Professional Achievements and Recognition

  • Outstanding achievements in his/her chosen profession or other area of endeavour
  • Recognition and awards for his/her contribution
  • Demonstration of leadership and influence within his/her field

(Global or Local) Community Services

  • Involved in voluntary leadership roles in the community or through humanitarian groups
  • Significant community service and contributions that have had a positive impact on society

Support to the YCYW Community

  • Supported YCYW initiatives through philanthropy
  • Involved in voluntary services to support the development of YCYW schools and the alumni community
  • Seen as an advocate of YCYW schools


Additional Information

  • Any other information that does not fit in the category above such as personal successes, charismatic leadership, or character

Nomination Procedures

  1. YCIS/YWIES alumnus or alumnae who have graduated/left the school at least five years ago are eligible for nomination – we define YCIS/YWIES alumni as those who studied with us at YCIS/YWIES for over one year.
  2. Nominees may be suggested by:
    1. The Selection Committee
    2. An alumnus or alumnae of YCIS/YWIES
    3. Current or former YCIS/YWIES staff
    4. A member of the school community
  3. Submit one nomination form for each nominee. A nominator may submit more than one nomination.
  4. Complete the nomination form and submit online by 15 July 2021 for your candidate to be considered for induction before Founder’s Day. All details must be filled out accurately.