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YCEF ❨WE CARE❩ Martin Scott

Happiness is hardly in the vocabulary of Hong Kong education; At Yew Chung, it is the soil to our unique breed of all-round servant-leaders. Follow YCIS Hong Kong executive principal Martin Scott to see YCers in action throughout our Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary schools.

YCEF ❨ WE CARE ❩ Tiffany Fung

Tiffany found compassion, world understanding, and her active, caring self at YCIS Hong Kong (’11). She went on to become a cultural curator and, in 2017, put on a 13-artist art exhibition that aimed to start dialogues on today’s diverse mental health issues.

YCEF ❨ WE CARE ❩ Richard Tan

It’s unusual – yet wonderfully familiar at the same time – to meet Richard Tan, our YCIS Qingdao alumnus. He’s new to Hong Kong (studying at PolyU) but he seemed right at home. After all, this is where Yew Chung and its philosophies originated!

YCEF ❨ WE CARE ❩ Nicole Tong

Lovely to catch up with you, Nicole, our young alumna. We hope your journey through the Yew Chung pedigree has given you a head start for the roads ahead.


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